Faculty Scholarship


cover - man satnds at archaeology dig

Inclusion, Transformation, and Humility in North American Archaeology
By Seth Mallios, Sara Gonzalez, Michael Grone, Kathleen Hull, Peter Nelson, and Stephen Silliman


cover - skulls, Journal of Human Evolution

The Game of Models
By O.C.C. Paine and D.J. Daegling


cover - blue background with snowflake in the center, Quaternary International

Problems with Paranthropus
By M. Sponheimer, D.J. Daegling, P.S. Ungar, R. Bobe,  and O.C.C. Paine


cover - tiger sits in grass, Zoo Biology

Variable digestibility of captive northern greater galagos (Otolemur garnettii) fed experimental “frugivorous” and “invertebrate” diets
By J.E. Loudon, B.K. Smith, S. Bianchi, M.E. Howells, M.A. Krowka, A.M. Gomez, S. Davison, O.C.C. Paine, and M. Sponheimer


cover - leaves

Indigenous Law and the politics of kincentricity & orality
By A. Kearney, J. Bradley, D. Norman, M. Timothy, V. Dodd, G. Friday, and A. Karrakayny – Yanyuwa Elders





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