Dr. Ramona L. Pérez

Ramona L. Pérez

Office: AL-377 | Phone: (619) 594-1155 | Email: [email protected]
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Ramona L. Pérez (University of California, Riverside 1997) is Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Center for Latin American Studies. She also is graduate faculty in the joint doctoral program in Global Health and for the Department of Women’s Studies. Her research focuses on food, nutrition, and health among marginalized populations; adolescent and youth identity and empowerment among transnational, Mexican and Central American migrant youth; gendered and ethnic marginalization and the state; rural to urban community growth; the political economy of tourism in Oaxaca; and the gendered and moral nature of community economies in Mexico. Her current work spans the US/Mexico border, southern Mexico, Nicaragua, and Brazil. She conducts a summer qualitative research field school, directs internship opportunities for graduate students in the border region and throughout Latin America, and coordinates the Mixtec and Zapotec language programs at SDSU.  A few of her recent publications include: If you don’t use chiles from Oaxaca is it still Mole Negro? Shifts in Traditional Practices, Techniques and Ingredients of Cuisine Among Oaxacan Migrants (2015), TecnoEstética Translocal y Alimento en MexAmérica (Translocal Technoaesthetics and Food in MexAmerica) 2014; Crossing the Border From Boyhood to Manhood: Male Youth Experiences of Crossing, Loss, and Structural Violence as Unaccompanied Minors (2012); Good and Bad Death: Perspectives of Mexican American Older Adults [with E. Ko] (2012); Navigating the Slipstream of Changing Food Environments: Transnational Perspectives on Dietary Behaviors and Implications for Nutrition Counseling” [with M. Handley] (2012); and Savoring the Taste of Home: The pervasiveness of lead poisoning from ceramic and its implications in transnational care packages (2010).